El edits:
narrative shorts, short-form docs,
BTS performance film, installation visuals

hire me :) I make nice films :) hire me :) I make nice films :)
El (they/them) is a queer filmmaker and ethnographic artist
from the black country.  They are co-director of XYZ Projects (cic), a trans film collective who facilitate community-made healthcare information films and DIY broadcast projects.

Art Works:
Short Film | 16mm | 2023
‘Dr. XYZ: A Medical Drag Transthology’

commissioned by BFI x AHRC ‘NHS Untold Stories Innitiative

Short Film | 16mm | 2022
‘Dorothy Towers’

Commissioned by the Paul Hamlyn foundation +
Arts Council England

Installation Visuals | Mini DV | 2021
‘Tina’s Living Room’

Commercial Works:

Boiler Room | digital | 2020
Doja Cat: ENERGY Session

Role: Camera Operator

Boiler Room | digital | 2019
MADlib: Giant Steps

Role: Camera Operator

BBC Three Doc | digital | 2021
‘Cherry Valentine: Why I Made This’

Role: Editor

Orchestra Film | digital | 2023
Music of The Unseen’

Role: Shooter, Editor (directed by pioneering
Hip Hop photographer, B+)

BTS DJ Film | digital | 2023
Radio Stall’

Role: Shooter, Editor

Program Trailer | digital | 2024
Sadlers Wells New Season of Dance’

Role: Shooter, Editor

XYZ Projects